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Agilia Conference

09-13.04.2018 - European conference about agile methods, innovations and entrepreneurship, held in Olomouc. It is largest and most important conference in the region.

Organized by Aguarra together with agile community Agilia with aim to popularize penetration of agile methods into knowledge business and management of companies. Besides presentations of world class experts, visitors can see also exclusive content – unique experience of local practitioners, ultimate trends in the world, inspirational presentations of related topics and case studies. Delegates may further join some of workgroups, attend workshops, discussions or diversions. Agilia Conference is also networking place, meeting point for entrepreneurs or idea platforms, place for exchange of experience and also place for your business. It is all accompanied by entertaining program. We are proud that professional content of presentations is very high quality – quality of presenters and presented outcomes is monitored by jury.


Agile Management Congress

10-11.04.2018 - Congress about impact of agile techniques at business performance. Created by managers for managers and leading business and leadership thinkers.

As word Agile became popular buzzword, its meaning slightly diminished. Purpose of congress is to put together managers, leading entrepreneurs and leadership thinkers. It is platform to bring presentations of agile approaches in business, true stories of extraordinary companies spoken by people, who made them happen. Stories of strong vision and hard work to make it happen to inspire others to follow. Presentations of agile ideas and how they transform world of technology business. Hours of panels and discussions addressing current issues and how they could be solved. Agile, Lean, Management 3.0 and other fresh ideas – how they can help to your business and why it is so hard to implement them.


Agilia Prague

29 - 31.05.2018 – Conference on agile techniques, innovations and experience with Agile in Banking and Finance is first specialized conference in central Europe.

Purpose of the event is allowing banking and financial institutions to discover Agile and related experience. It links experts and other agilists from Central Europe. It presents works of worlds known experts, expertise of local users, new ideas and case studies. Delegates may join work groups, workshops, discussions and other programs. Agilia Prague connect business and IT in organizations.


Agilia Scrum Master Day Prague

10.09.2018 - Series of practical workshops, games and presentations from Scrum Masters for Scrum Masters.

Agilia Scrum Master Day


Agilia Budapest

15-17.10.2018 – Conference about agile methods and innovations in product management and product ownership. It takes place annually in Budapest and is first specialized conference on techniques of agile product management in Hungary.

Conference objectives are to share experiences with agile approaches in product and service design between experts and other enthusiasts. It presents worlds known experts, unique experience of local Agilists, ultimate news and case studies. Delegates may join work groups, discussions and other program. Conference Agilia Budapest is also place for networking, meetings of entrepreneurs and opinion platforms, exchange of experience and also for your business. Important part of the event is creating new business opportunities not only for starting companies.