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Google Venture Sprints - customer-centred product design

Category: Product management
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17. 10. 2017 Budapest / HU Sebastian Vetter € 475 / € 570
(12.500 CZK / 15.000 CZK , 149.900 HUF / 179.880 HUF)
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Location: Budapest / HU
Date: 17. October 2017
Price includes: Training materials, lunch, refreshment and more.
Training span: from 9:00 / to 17:00
Catalogue number: GOVS1701
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Is this you?
This workshop is for you…
if you are interested in applying GV sprints in your job.
if you like hands-on workshops instead of ‘death by powerpoint’.
if you like to engage and collaborate with others.
This workshop is for:
Product owners
Project and product managers
Scrum masters and agile coaches

Workshop outline:
In a hands-on workshop you will learn how to apply the Google Venture Sprint process to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. The Sprint process was developed at Google Ventures and it is a mix of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, and design thinking packaged into 5 days. The Google Venture Sprint follows a 5-step process:
  1. Map: Understand and discover the business opportunity, the audience, the competition, the value proposition, and define metrics of success.
  2. Sketch: Diverge and explore, develop and iterate creative ways of solving the problem, regardless of feasibility.
  3. Decide: Converge and identify ideas that fit the next product cycle and explore them in further detail through storyboarding.
  4. Prototype: Design and prepare prototype(s) that can be tested with people.
  5. Test: Conduct 1:1 user testing with (5-6) people from the product's primary target audience. Ask good questions and iterate accordingly.
By working in a sprint, you can shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into a single week. For the purpose of this workshop the 5-day process is compressed into one intense day. As a team you will tackling a real challenge. By the end of the day you will feel proud on what you have achieved and you know how to apply this process to a real challenge your business or clients are facing.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Understand how the Google Venture Sprint process works.
  • Practical knowledge that you can apply in your work.
  • Faster product delivery with shorter iteration cycles.
  • Better stakeholder alignment and improved decision making.
  • Increased productivity and effective collaboration.

Your trainer
Sebastian is an innovation consultant, experience designer and sprint lead. He has worked with leading organisations across all industries in New Zealand and Germany. After gaining a Phd. in organizational Psychology and industrial engineering he has worked as a management consultant for PwC New Zealand helping organisations with digital transformation and customer experience design. Sebastian has worked with organisations from finance, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, education, retail, high-tech electronics, agriculture, and government institutions. As a sprint lead he has facilitated 30+ sprints on product and service development. He recently moved to Berlin, Germany and founded innovateandsprint.com. 

Corporate edition

  • Possibility to extend invoice due date according to general sales conditions up to 60 days.

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