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Applied Kanban

Category: Project management
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20. 3. 2019 Kladno / CZ Michal Vallo € 195 / € 234
(4.900 CZK / 5.880 CZK , 62.500 HUF / 75.000 HUF)
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Location: Kladno / CZ
Date: 20. March 2019
Price includes: Training materials, lunch, refreshment and more
Training span: from 9:00 / to 17:00
Catalogue number: IKAN19031
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For whom is the course?
Workshop Kanban is designed for professionals, who are in charge of process optimization, business performance or project management: managers, CIO, department managers, line managers, team leaders, project managers, technical leaders, engineers or anyone with interest in organization performance improvements.
What is in the course? 
Many organizations underperforms in respect, what they could achieve. One of reasons may be difficulties with process setup and with organization of works. In the course will participants gain overview about Kanban technique, how to exploit it for management of processes and also how to improve their own ones. We will show on the example, how to identify where the value is created and how improve process continuously.

We will discuss about:
  • principles of visualization,
  • planning,
  • limitation of  WIP and why it is important,
  • optimization of processes and performance improvement,
  • risk management,
  • theory of constraints and what is interesting in it,
  • metrics and measurements,
  • company culture. 

Participants will also learn, under which conditions it is beneficial to implement Kanban technique. We will also discuss risks, where implementation of the technique is not ideal. We will show, how Kanban relates to today’s popular agile movement. 
In the second practical part we will apply theoretical knowledge to solve particular issues of the participants. We do not have ambition to resolve it in a short timeframe of the course, but to generate ideas for improvement and how to begin problem solving. We encourage participants to bring samples of problems in their organization, which they would like to solve in practical part. 
More in the course:
  • Training materials.
  • Lunch and refreshment.
  • Free Agilia community meet-ups and discussion forum.
Corporate edition
  • Possibility to extend invoice due date according to general sales conditions up to 60 days.