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You and the Scrum Culture

Category: Management
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27. 3. 2017 Olomouc / CZ Dominik Maximini € 450 / € 540
(12.200 CZK / 14.640 CZK , 144.000 HUF / 172.800 HUF)
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Location: Olomouc / CZ
Date: 27. March 2017
Price includes: Training materials, lunch, refreshment and more.
Training span: from 9:00 / to 17:00
Catalogue number: SCTR1701
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Every organization possesses the culture it has earned. Are you looking for a way to change yours? In a world that is changing at an exponentially faster rate, you might well be trying. If so, the first step is to gain a broad view of the current state of your organization’s culture and the possible alternatives. Such knowledge is especially indispensable, when your goal is to achieve a successful agile transition.

This workshop will provide you with an in-depth understanding of this topic. You will work with different methods to uncover the organizational culture of your company. Once this is clear, we will take a close look at the Scrum Culture and compare it to your own current one. Finally, you will work on transition paths that are unique to your own situation.

This workshop is most beneficial for transformation leaders and their teams, although everybody working on transitions to Agile will benefit.

About Dominik Maximini

Dominik is an experienced Agile Leader, Coach, Scrum Master and Trainer working at NovaTec Consulting GmbH, where he helps teams to live up to the true Scrum Culture and it’s Values. His vision is to instill the fundamental Values of Scrum – like openness and respect – into all company environments he engages with. His main strengths are economical thinking and efficiency, paired with excellent analytical skills and broad experience in organizational change methods. He applies this knowledge to introduce Agile practices like Evo, Scrum and Management 3.0 into enterprises of varying sizes and industry focus. Dominik is also the author of several books and articles in the Scrum domain. If you would like the opportunity to meet him outside of a specific consulting engagement, Dominik is available as a conference speaker.